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  Welcome to CLDC!

Pediatric Therapy Clinic in Plano, TX

Serving families since 1999
providing evaluations and treatment
for toddlers, children and teens with differences in speech, language, and sensory needs. 
Speech &
Language Therapy

 - Late Talkers

 - Language Disorders

 - Articulation / Speech Sounds


 - Apraxia

 - Autism Spectrum Disorder

 - Auditory Processing

 - Developmental Delays

 - Fluency / Stuttering

 - Pragmatic Language

 - Social Communication

Occupational Therapy

- Sensory Processing

- Fine Motor Skills

- Coordination

- Handwriting

- Self-help Skills

- Attention Deficits

- Neuro-Developmental 


- Neuro-motor Disorders

- Cerebral Palsy

- Down Syndrome

Feeding & Oral Motor Therapy

- Picky eaters

- Limited / Restricted Diet

- Aversion / Avoidance of

   Specific Textures

- Oral Sensory Issues

- Oral Motor Disorders

- Mealtime Behaviors

- Feeding Difficulties

- Stuffing / Pocketing

- SOS Approach to Feeding

Support &
Family Events

Parent Workshops

The training and tools you need to help your child at home


More Than Words®

Hanen Program for parents of children with diagnosed or suspected Autism Spectrum Disorder and related social communication challenges  

CLDC is in-network with the following insurance plans:

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