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What parents say about Children's Language Development Center

Our personalized pragmatic approach to speech and language therapy has produced some excellent results for children and their families.  Here is a small sample of what parents have said:

Elissa has a great deal of experience treating children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and she really "gets" them. Her pragmatic language approach isn't like traditional speech therapy, and it has been very effective. Elissa has made me realize that speech is not about producing words but about thinking, understanding and using language effectively.  Elissa has a lot of confidence in the kids and believes in their ability to learn language.


Carrollton, TX

I do not have words for the impact you have made in our lives. We are so thankful for you and your talents. Our son would not be who he is if we had not met you seven and a half years ago.


Plano, TX

The CLDC Connection Station Therapeutic Playgroup has been such a blessing to our family. This is a loving and supportive environment for children of all abilities. The teachers and therapists are kind and encouraging and bring out the best in each child through music, interactive play and therapy. Thank you for providing this opportunity for our children!


Fairview, TX

Words cannot describe just how amazing our experience has been at CLDC!  They are a wonderful team of people dedicated to the success of each child in every way.  The office is very responsive, flexible and accommodating which is wonderful!   They also make it a point to give parents the tools we need to help continue learning and progress at home, which I appreciate very much.  Our therapist Tina is so kind, patient, caring and enthusiastic... you can tell that she truly enjoys what she does and is as happy with my son's success as I am!   Tina goes beyond therapy and turns sessions into fun, interactive experiences with new creative activities at every session.  My son loves to go so much!  He looks forward to it every week!


Richardson, TX

Elissa is great with kids; she is gentle, patient and creative and my son is always excited about going to see her.  Elissa also communicates well with parents.  She helped us reach our son through play and gestures and she taught us the importance of things like variety and meaning. Our son's language has really improved since she started working with him.


Plano, TX

My son (age 8) was diagnosed with a rare chromosomal disease at birth and has been receiving multiple therapy services ever since. We switched to CLDC over a year ago, and we couldn't be more pleased with his progression!
After years of speech through ECI, PPCD, speech in school and private therapy, my son began resisting therapy. I found myself begging and/or bribing him to go twice a week. My son was miserable, and it made me feel terrible as a mom. A friend of mine told me about CLDC, and we decided to give it a try.  I'm so happy we did! I can honestly say that my son has developed more speech this past year alone than in all of his 8 years of services combined. People are approaching me now that school has started again to tell me how much his speech has improved. For a mom, there's no better feeling in the world!


Plano, TX

We appreciate all the love and help for our daughter.  She is shinning more and more each day.


Frisco, TX

Connection Station Playgroup is a wonderful environment where children can explore, grow, and learn in a positive, trusting and always welcoming space.   The program has helped my son focus on his strengths and has given him strategies and skills he uses in his daily life.  The parent support has provided us with new ideas and guidance in steering us on the right course.   The therapists knowledge and experience is evident in all interactions with the children. They are caring, compassionate, creative, and loving role models!   We feel so lucky to have found CLDC Connection Station!


Allen, TX

Our son has been attending bi-weekly sessions with Ms. Tina for about 8 months now at CLDC. Our concern for him was his challenge in processing receptive and expressive language. Although he had been taking Speech therapy sessions at Baylor a couple of months prior, we felt he needed something a lot more specialized and targeted for his specific needs. Ms. Tina conducted a very thorough and broad evaluation of his speech and language abilities that really led to a better understanding of how not only she would work with him to address his challenges, but provided regular recommendations on how to reinforce the skills at home and school.

We have seen such a tremendous amount of growth in such a short period of time, and we are thrilled with our son's progress. He is now able to make more concrete connections to his learning, not only at school but at home, and he has become increasingly expressive in the way that he communicates with others. Ms. Tina has always made herself available for any additional help his school might need, and she provides great feedback after every session. Our son enjoys his sessions and really looks forward to attending which is a true testament to the therapist and the great work she does with him.


Plano, TX

The staff at CLDC have never made me feel like my son is another diagnosis or just a service code to them. Our therapist Caroline has genuine interest in my son as a person and a natural rapport that can only come from loving what she does. The office is a warm environment designed for kids by professionals that are passionate about the population they serve. Not only are they knowledgeable about cutting edge services, they are always thinking outside of the box to make therapy fun and engaging for kids. They meet your child exactly where he/she is and develop services that specifically address his/her own needs.  


Plano, TX

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