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Communication is Connection

We believe that communication is more than words.  Communication starts with making connections.

Learning to communicate requires having a reason to do so, and this begins with our relationships with other people. Language does not develop in isolation for without engaging with other people there is no reason to communicate. Language is a symbolic system that is acquired for the purpose of communication.  Through our language, we organize information, express ideas and refine our thinking.


Language is a representation of the information and ideas we have processed.  What a child is able to demonstrate through language tells us much about how he is understanding his world.  

Our Mission

Helping children learn and develop their full potential by building connected and meaningful communication. 

In order to effectively treat a child, we feel strongly that a child's strengths must be recognized.  What a child CAN do is perhaps more important than what he can NOT do, for it gives us insight into how he processes information and what we might use to bridge the gaps.  These holes, or gaps in learning, are what the child has missed along the way, and by using the child's strengths we can start to fill in the gaps.

Personal Commitment

We work off the child's strengths in order to facilitate areas of weakness.  This means that our approach to treatment is very specific to the child.  Our therapists are personally committed to the success of each child-- to working not only with the child but with the parents to more completely understand the inroads unique to each individual child.  

Parents Matter

Recognizing a child's strengths is what parents do best!  We welcome parent involvement and feel that the information they can provide about their child is critical to the success of treatment.  Parents know their kids, and what they know helps us pinpoint areas of weakness and gives insight into ways we can help via the child's interests.  For therapy to be effective, whatever we do has to have a purpose for the child--- it has to be meaningful in order for it to be engaging, and only with engagement can real learning take place.  When the learning becomes internalized, then it can become generalized and carried over into novel situations or environments.

Community Matters

Children's Language Development Center has been a part of the community since 1999.  We are a not a chain nor a franchise.  We are a therapist-owned and operated pediatric clinic, and we pride ourselves on providing personalized, quality care to the families we serve.  

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